Frequency Formation - Bass Cast #21 (Seasonal Transition Mix)

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    For Basscast #21 i found myself with 2 ideas for a theme for this mix and struggling which idea to go with and thought what the hell I'll do both so here's the 1st version of Basscast #21 which i have called..

    Bass Cast #21 (Seasonal Transition Mix)

    The mix starts of with ten liquid funk drum n bass tracks to symbolize the summer and the last ten tracks have a more moody slightly darker sound/tone to symbolize the beginning of autumn hence the name Seasonal Transition.


    Qloq - Ross Island
    Degster - Egersheld Lighthouse
    Funkware - Outlander (Original Mix)
    Move Mode & HumaNature - Scarlet
    Ownglow - Only U (Real Quick)
    Degster - Eastern Breeze
    Move Mode & Colossus - The Valley
    Funkware - Gentleman's Empathy
    Ownglow - Stress & Strain
    Qloq - Pistons
    QBIG & Zenith B - Opposite
    Critical Bang - Chopper
    Cycle - Currents (Original Mix)
    Dub Frequency - Pull Em Out
    Nekal - Shadow Wraith
    Cycle - Red Block (Original Mix)
    Dub Frequency - Street Roll
    Critical Bang - Violet
    Nekal - Evolution
    QBIG & Zenith B - 9 Marks