Frequency Formation - Bass Cast 15

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    This Bass cast #15 welcomes you to an alternative form of drum n bass where popstar vocalists, cheesy pop sounds, double drops and commercial /mainstream trends are forbidden and replaced with complex, intelligent, experimental, atmospheric and leftfield sounds, arrangements and ideas of drum n bass that are embraced and appreciated.

    Open your mind and expand your dnb horizons and enjoy.


    Eusebeia - Kalpa
    Audioholic - Simple Things
    Crystal Sky - Falling In Love (Aural Imbalances Passion Remix)
    Exoplanet - The Grass Is Always Greener
    Space Depth - Halt On Mars After The Second Intergalactic War (Original Mix)
    Disprove & Signal - Erger
    Kevlar - Reckon
    Mechanical Freak - Substitution
    LM1 Memory Alpha (feat. Indigo Sync)
    Emperor - Show Them
    Emetic - Nang Slanger
    Zerosum - Brutalism
    Omtrek - Bold 'n' Brash
    Contra - The Light
    Eusebeia - Put The Pieces Back Together
    Eusebeia - Emanation
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