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DnB Frenzic, GQ & Five 0 - Slammin Vinyl @ Bagleys 21st November 1997


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VIP Junglist
Optical - To Shape the Future (Remix)
Scorpio – Trouble
Da Lick Vol IV – Hyperspace
Mampi Swift – The 1
Mask & Swabe – Cash Till
Krust – Warhead (Steppa Mix)
Shimon & Andy C – Terraform
DJ Red – Enta Da Dragon (Tekken 3 Mix)
Mampi Swift – Hi Tek
Doc Scott – Swarm
Roni Size – It’s Jazzy
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (The Remix)
Mampi Swift – Mission
Roni Size Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag
TNT – 2 Degrees
Renegade – Dark Soldier Part 2
Mampi Swift – Soul
Shimon & Andy C – Primal Fear

One of my fav tapes from back in the day, found it online after I thought of it. Sounds a bit dated now of course but the energy of this rave still stands. Nice trip down memory lane.


Wicked set this, more or less the Ray Keith set from Time, same era, same selection, same MC's.