Multi Genre Freeze & Banta Rights NWDNB Podcast #1 (full of exclusives D&B & Hip Hop!!)

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    Ez all

    not so much a more as its a podcast so just presenting you music from myself and other people that I'm feeling at the moment with a side of waffle for good measure!

    Tracklisting & Links
    1-Freeze-Are You Not Entertained Cold Blooded dub
    2-Harvest & Diologue-Masks Cold Blooded dub
    3-Dexcell-Recondite Dub
    4-Freeze-Fossil Feeders Dub
    5-Release-Each Day Dub
    6-Dexcell-The Light Dub
    7-O.C.D-That Boom Diggi Dub
    8-Bangta Rights-Mirrors Dub
    9-O.C.D-Serial Killa Dub
    10-Freeze-Jibba Jabba Cold Blooded Dub
    11-Dawn Raid-Come Get Yours dub
    12-Critical Impact-Clear Skyz
    13-Supernova & Rubstuff (Ruff stuff lol)-Horizons V recordings Dub
    14-Break-Condensor Symmentry
    15-Jayline Feat Soulculture-Here on my own Dub
    16-Hologram-Head Spin-Digital Terror Dub
    17-Dexcell-Time Bomb Dub
    18-Ruff Stuff-Get Down Dub
    19-Freeze-Revolution Cold Blooded Dub
    20-Cabin Fever-The Block Dub
    21-Bangta Rights-Quartz Crystal Dub
    22-Crystal Clear & Freeze-Something's wrong Cold Blooded Dub
    23-Banta Rights-Serum Dub
    24-Data-Passive Aggressive (stray Remix)-Horizons