Freestylers In the Mix @ BBC 1Xtra Annie Nightingale Show 06/09/2008

mr d&b

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Jul 23, 2007
France Baby!
Saturday 6th September

Plump DJs - 'Shifting Gears (Stanton Warriors Mix)' (Fingerlickin)
DJ Mutiny - 'Sign Of The Times' (iBreaks)

Sam Hell In The Mix
Sam Hell – ‘Grunge (Original Mix)’ (Mofo Recordings)
Sam Hell – ‘Gun Club (Hedflux Remix)’ (Sinister Recordings)
Sam Hell – ‘Gun Club (Original Mix)’ (Sinister Recordings)
Sam Hell – ‘Bone Snow (Original Mix)’ (Sinister Recordings)
Sam Hell – ‘Stay Out All Night (Groove Diggerz Remix)’ (Sinister Recordings)
That Girl DJ – ‘Mi Casa Su Casa (Sam Hell Remix)’ (Re:Connect)

Sean Danke & Scheize Goodman - 'Three Species' (Gung Ho Recordings)
McQueen - 'Don't Be Fooled' (Edit Records)

Freestylers In The Mix
Rebel MC - 'Wickedest Sound (Freestylers Refix)' (Dubplate)
Freestylers - 'Ruffneck (Ctrl Z Remix)' (Against The Grain)
Ctrl Z - 'Stereotypical (Freestylers VIP Mix)' (Dubplate)
Screwface - 'More Life' (Hardcore Beats)
Pryda - 'Pjanoo (Freestylers VIP Remix)' (Dubplate)
Unknown - 'Rock The Discotek' (Unknown)
Machines Don't Care - 'Afrojacker' (Dubplate)
Crookers - 'Day N Nite' (Unknown)
My Federation - 'Don't Wanna Die (Freestylers VIP Remix)' (Dubplate)
Herve - 'Riddim Come Forward' (Dubplate)
Prodigy - 'Charley' (XL)
Samurai Gunz - 'F**k The Funk' (Mamas Pie)
Unknown - 'Benga's Fantasy' (Unknown)
Burial - 'Archangel (Boy 8 Bit Refix)' (Dubplate)
Madcon -'Beggin (Stantons Rerub)' (Dubplate)
Wildchild - 'Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Remix) (EMI)

6.30 Classic
Underworld - 'Cowgirl' (Junior Boys Own)
Alex Metric - 'In Your Machine (Treasure Fingers Remix)' (Marine Parade)
Hardy Hard & Lady Waks ft Afrika Bambaataa - 'Shake It (Rico Tubbs Remix)' (Menu Music)
Late Of The Pier - 'Heartbeat' (Zarcorp)
Coldplay - 'Viva La Vida (Dirty Funkers Violet Dub Mix)’ (Spirit Recordings)
Pete & The Pirates - 'Mr Understanding' (Stolen)
Noah & The Whale - '5 Years Time' (Vertigo)

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David Bass

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May 29, 2007
Alex Metric - 'In Your Machine (Treasure Fingers Remix)' (Marine Parade)

wtf? cant wait to hear this.

FYI Treasure Fingers is 'The Enemy' from Evol Intent.
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