Freestyle Recordings[FSR]02+03: UFO!+Omcreator,D-struct,R&D *IN STORES NOW*


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Freestyle Recordings[FSR]02+03: UFO!+Omcreator,D-struct,R&D *IN STORES NOW*

FSR1202 Research & Development-social identity crisis // shogun

x: starting out as an alias for FSR label head zack b aka sz0n1ck & co-producer david “squarewave” lebouf,
Research & Development went on to include collaborations with 2 additional producers, dallas-based
production team adroit and falumi.Exemplary of this 4 man assault is the upgrade in sound and atmosphere in
“Social Identity Crisis”, an anti-anthem of the highest order, which has been widely supported with
extensive promo exposure in mixsets around the globe. unforgettable sci-fi samples and dynamic ambiences give
way to mechanical, unforgiving beats & bass. offering a more streamlined, harder hitting approach, this tune
is a sure-fire favorite for a new breed of junglist, while staying rooted in the dancefloor mechanics of
classic techstep. the result is epic floor material which takes the listener thru soundcape upon soundscape,
solidifying the FSR ethos that straying from ordainary formulas can yield extraordainary and exceptional

y: having earned enough techstep respect to flex some experimental muscle, production team Research
& Development set out to create “Shogun”. with its rich atmospherics setting the stage for never-ending
variations on classic dancefloor dynamics, the tune solidifies R&D’s signature sound design and arrangement
techniques. larger-than-life beats topple against raging hoover bass antics. this is the “amen” stormer
redefined and re-thought, ever escalating and careening from one twisted incarnation to the next. a dynamic,
turbulent ride for any dancefloor, and a journey of the mind for all listeners.

FSR1203 UFO! + Omcreator-brooklyn rat count // D-struct- Carnivore

x: this collaborative effort originally conceived as an experiment by legendary north american drum &
bass producer, ed garro, aka "UFO!", saw a shift in its course when FSR team member dominic monistere aka
"omcreator" stepped up to the mix.the end result is a highly experimental roller, full of gritty textures,
deep drifting bass tones, house-inspired pads, and crisp drumwork. it is nothing short of a new breed of tech
d&b, mixing the room-filling vibes of the early days with the mental soundscapes of the future, all while
maintaining the momentum and complexity that have become stylistic trademarks of FSR. having seen extensive
rounds on promo with select dj’s around the world, it has already withstood the test of time and will most
certainly continue to. dancefloors across the planet agree that this tune is a proper musical experience to
be had.

y: john arronson aka “d-struct” exploded onto the scene as a member of the well-respected ROBOT DEATH
SQUAD. soon after having his work see exposure among some of the industy’s finest, he graces the FSR catalog
with his powerful deathmarch, "carnivore". carnivore continues the FSR tradition of mentally captivating
sound design, recieving rave reviews and many attempts at imitation by other producers. the attractive
element here is not to be mistaken - grinding, sawing bass almost resembling the growls of a preadator, and
mechanical, menacing drums that will beat down the hardest heads out there. after being played on all
corners of the globe on extensive promo with brooklyn rat count, its agreed this piece of work is a
compliment to listeners indeed, and a perfect companion to its A-side.


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