Freek - Dubshot #1 - Available until 2nd October 2016


Lets get freeeeeeky
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Right so here it DUBSHOT #1

6 of my unreleased dnb tunes including Dope Addict VIP, Martyr & Scat...
3 of my random original jazz tunes plus some proper random 8min pretend live performance..
5 tunes that fall under the category "other shit".... A mixture of chilled triphop, halftime wibby wobby stuff & more of the weird stuff i tend to create on a regular basis...

If you want a copy just send £5 ($6.50/€6) via paypal to djfreekbookings(at) In the note section of the payment please put DUBSHOT followed by your email address.
I’ll send the pack of tunes back to the email I received the payment from.. Available to for anyone, anywhere in the world...

Just to make this more interesting... Ill only be selling this collection of tunes until 23:59 GMT on Sunday! After that they won’t be available again!