Freek - By Name, By Nature Mixtape.. 3 decks and dubs from Raz, Nu Elementz + more


Lets get freeeeeeky
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Yes yes peeps! Freek - By Name, By Nature EP out now on Multi Function Music


Bigups to everyone for the support!

The By Name, By Nature mixtape... 3 decks and a lot of dubs
Sub Zero & Majistrate - Idea
Freek - Psycho (By Name, By Nature EP - Multi Function)
Lyptikal - Dirty Twelve Freek - Talk Dirty
Nu Elementz - Concrete (High R8 Dub)
Supreme Being - Show Down (Wild West Dub)
Cryteria - Did Not Do It (Dub)
Turno - Boiling Point (Filthy Habits Remix)
BassBrothers - A Little Mad
Levela - Bad man (Multi Function Dub)
Freek - Can't You See It (Dub)
Freek - Cobalt 60 (Wild West Dub)
Levela - Fires (Multi Function Dub)
Metrik - Want My Love feat. Elisabeth Troy
Raz - Dojo (Hangar Dub)
Version - Call on Me
Hizzleguy - Concrete (Multi Function Dub)
Zodiac - Dysphixia (Supreme Being Remix) (Wild West Dub)
DJ Hazard - Bricks Don't Roll
Nu Elementz - MDMA
Freek - Face (By Name, By Nature EP - Multi Function)
Hoogs - Up 2 Di Time
Freek - Consequences (Dub Damage Dub)
Freek - Bestie (By Name, By Nature EP - Multi Function)
Command Strange - Rock Steady (Lenzman Remix)
Freek - Enough Is Enough (Wild West Dub)
Cryteria - Romance Vice (Dub)
Break - They're Wrong (Calibre Remix)
Freek - Don't Wait (Wild West Dub)
Freek - Fool You (By Name, By Nature EP - Multi Function)
DJ Dusty - Human Error (Levela Remix)
Raz - Fragments (Hangar Dub)
Freek - Vendetta (Dub)
Freek & Nekal - Sweet Dreams (Dub)