Freefall@Lakota Bristol 26/08/02


Apr 14, 2002
Another night out in Bristol, another stupidly heavy line up. This time i made my way down to the notorious Lakota in St Pauls in order to witness Andy C, Bryan Gee, Mampi Swift, Die and Bailey accompanied by Mc's Shabba, Det, Eksman and Tali.

Despite having tickets a good 30-45mins was spent standing around in the Bristol night air, waiting for an absolute shambles of a door policy to get us in. As we neared the door i spotted a rather impatient Andy C making his way through the ever increasing queue, ah well, be inside soon, no need to worry... think again, just reached inside to hear the end of Andy's set. Turned out he was 30mins late and only played for 30mins while he was there. Still I pondered off to drop my coat off at the cloakroom and purchase a couple of beverages.

Upon my return to the drum and bass room, personal flava of the month Bryan Gee was at the helm, playing many of the unreleased tracks from Roni's new album Bryan was on good form but perhaps lacking a little energy in his set. Highlights included the 2002/3 rmx of Uncut's vocal anthem Midnight, Andy C's collaboration with MC Dynamite for his new album Something That You Never Heard and a new track sounding similar to the original Snapshot (pounding). Eksman on the mic laid down a competent but no totally exciting vocal workout.

Next up was the Mampi Swift, if youve read my last review you know what im about to say... another recycled set, Elm St, Dogsploitation, Blaxploitation Pacman rmx, Twist Em Out, Hornet, Torpedoes etc. Although saying that there were some interesting mixes and the airing of Trust Me means all is forgiven... almost! Not forgetting of course the presence of the ever impressive Shabba working the mic and crowd for all they were worth. The man really is "propa baad"

After this was the DJ Bailey. You come to expect a slighty eccentric and eclectic selection from Bailey and tonight was no different. Catching up with him before his set at the bar I asked him "funk or amen tonight"? Who knows was his friendly wide grinned reply. Turned out to be a little of both, mixing wasnt quite as tight as id come to expect from Bailey but admittedly tonight was the first time id seen him play in the flesh not on radio or cd. Im not sure who the mc was that accompanied his set, i was meant to get his number but just couldnt be arsed to move from the upstairs balcony where I had chosen to rest out the remainder of the night.
The most banging tunes were
Dilly's new Live or Die, Klute's rmx of High Contrast's Return Of Forever and Shy Fx's Feelin You (just for the dirty booty shaking reaction it got from the girlies).

The final set of the night (final set i stayed for at least) came from Bristol's own DJ Die. Now i wasn't really sure what to expect from Die as id heard some mixed comments about his technical abilties. Thankfully i was impressed, tight mixing and even tighter beats maded this the set of the night by far, accompanied by Mc's Tali and Det who were awesome on the mic, especially Tali with her live renditions of Lyric On My Lip and V stable classics such as Warning. Hilarious moment of the night when Det almost bopped some lil white boy for trying to get dirty with Tali.
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Die played plenty of beats, almost all brand new Full Cycle material, much of which was unknown to me, aside from Size's Swings And Roundabouts, Forget Me Nots, and a new track from Tali's forthcoming album which I forget the name of!

Still! a good night was had by all and most notably MC Tali, you is getting some bookings coming your way gal!!!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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