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Apr 10, 2003
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whats up peopla's does any1 know where I can get a bit of Free Web Space to save pics, create a site & upload mixes to. I don't know if this is asking alot from the amount of space your given.
EZ the macho-man Andy Savage , aka Sayber :saber:

Ive been looking for space to upload my mix to an there is free space available,
ie: 50mb a month or some shit like that, but by the time 2/3 people have downloaded your mix,
your allocated MB’s space runs out an your account gets suspended til next month (dont quote me on this tho).

As for pics - i just started an aol homepage - uploaded mah pics an linked for mah sigs etc, but if you want to create a site go to sumtin like, there plenty for visual webspace, but large space for audio is hard to come by!

Maybe we could put in a few bucks each an do a nice site where we can both run our mixes/ you could do a link to your reviews/whatever...Something to think bout

As for your reviews you doing at the mo - stick a link in this thread an ill check it out homie.
& a hootie hoo to you to Sir Stroker the 2nd (Johnnie always first)!
Yer I had a look at those GeoCities & they look small in terms of space, so i think the best thing is to buy some. Definetly up 4 doing a site, I've got some ideas I wouldn't mind putting down onto paper so as soon as I do I'll let you get first look!
Yer check out the reviews at
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