"FREE" video on your Mobile?


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Hello all

We are Wizdrop from Paris

We just launched our beta version of Wizdrop and we want to invite all of the users and bloggers to try and give us some comment.
In the beginning you can watch our concept video to understand more about wizdrop

Basically the concept is simple, we provide a platform to let users to drop any type of media to any kind of Smartphone or PC. All you need to do is to type your name, choose the media and type the telephone number from all over the world or Email that you want to drop.

The uniqueness of this service is that we provide a simple and user friendly solution for media format transformation, now no matter what types of Smartphones that your friends are using or where are they. All you need to do is “drop.” And then your friend will receive your media immediately. And most important thing is that for user it’s always free.
I also wrote a guideline for WIZDROP on our fanpage. You can read that on our fanpage

Later on we are going to have a Mobile to mobile app to let user can drop their mobile media to any other different kind of Smartphone.
Different Smartphone support different video format, Wizdrop is a solution to solve this kind of problem and let use can easily send media to other mobile phone.

Finally, many thanks for taking some time to review our product. We do appreciate your suggestions and comments.
If you need any further explanation, feel free to reply this post and let me know.