FREE TUNES! & Ammunition Recs Mix Competition



Ez, and bigup to everyone who has given their continued support through our 1st year! It's been a huge year for us, and we are still constantly growing and making moves! As always, we've got some brutal stuff incoming, be sure to checkout our site at or for info on tunes incoming and more! Or subscribe to our blog to be kept in the loop of when we've got new releases incoming, new Podcasts, competitions, features, or whatever it may be!

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From the graphic above, semi explaining the Ammunition Recordings 1 Year Mix Competition, you should roughly know the idea behind it all. We are giving away 5 FREE smashers from Ammo! You can either use these to just play out and listen to whenever, OR, you can enter our Ammunition Recordings Mixset Competition! Whoever has the mix that we like the most, will win the following!
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  • Your Mixset Featured in Ammunition Recordings Incoming Podcast 005
  • Free Ammunition Recordings T-Shirt
  • Free Ammunition Recordings Stickers
  • $30 coupon for a Kore Soundpack through Native Instruments, with a Free Kore Player!
(all shipping etc paid for by Ammunition Recs!)

Our last Ammunition Podcast 004 received over 1,000 downloads, so if your mix is chosen, it will be heard by thousands! Plus we will have it featured on associated sites all throughout the Drum & Bass community!

Here are the rules:
  • Maximum length of the mix should be 20 minutes!
  • It is Mandatory to use the 5 tunes supplied from Ammunition.
  • You can use whatever other tunes to fill in the extra time.
    *Bonus points if you use other Ammunition tunes OR tunes from associated labels!*
  • You can use whatever mixing method you'd like, we're not picky, so long as it's a good mix! (CD Decks, DVS', Ableton, whatever)
  • Mixes must be delivered to us in 320kbps Mp3 quality.

To Submit the mix:
  1. Go to - OR -
  2. Hit "message" to send us a message.
  3. Send us the link to download your mix. Your mix must be titled appropriately as follows:
"Ammo Podcast Mix Competition" followed by your name and contact info in the filename of the mp3, rar, zip, or whatever form you submit it in.
We prefer that you use to host your mixes on for us to download.

The Free Ammunition tunes included are listed below!

Click HERE To Download Ammo's Free 1 Year Bundle!

BrainfuzZ - Curious Way - AR054D: Released on BrainfuzZ's "Discords" EP, absolute chart smasher! Brutal beats from the BrainfuzZ!

KinetiX - Memory Leak - AR027D: Released on KinetiX's "Fatal Error" EP, this one rinsed propa by AK1200 all over the states! INSANE Breakdown on this one!!!

Protech - Empty Spaces (Paperclip Remix) - AR048D: Released on Paperclip's "Simple Access" EP. Another absolute chart killer, more on Ammo's smooth funk side, this one was featured on countless sites!

Rolar - Motor - AR040D: Released on Rolar's "Check Your Target" EP. Started out our 2009 huge, killed charts, massive support on this EP!

T-Tech - Parasite - AR063D: Released on Ammo's "Fallout" EP. Included other artists suchas Dub Elements, Digital Soul, Noxius, and Influence! Huge release, featured massive!

**You can find links to all these artists through our MySpace**

Nice little collection of tunes that shows Ammunition's respect for a diverse sound in Drum & Bass. And if you guys like these, you should definitely check out the other tunes associated with these releases!

Hope you all enjoy them, and we look forward to hearing some killer mixsets! G'luck!

- Coffey




Oh also if and when those of you who do submit a mix to us, we need you to include a Tracklist as well, and contact info in like a txt file or something, etc :)

Big thanks!