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Jun 7, 2010
I'm a sucker for a nice arp! That and the wowow pad are cool on the intro, they work really well together. Drums sound too quiet compared to those, your drums and bass need to be the loudest element in the mix. Your tune kind of drops out of nowhere too, I reckon you should take a tune from an artist you look up to and throw it in your DAW under the track you're working on, that will help you with building the structrure of your tune. Keep at it, there's some nice sounds in here!


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Mar 20, 2017
Intro : I like this a lot ! everything sounds very clear and has a strong presence in the mix (overall vibe is gooooood)

Drums : I like these a lot (kick and snare are up my street for a track like this) Hats are a little on the bright side for me, personally I'd cut them from both ends a tad more.

Main hook : I love the mid bass work you have going on here man it's so nice to hear, I'm a big sucker for this kind of synth work. Although the one thing that threw me off was the structure of the bass movement during the main hook (If it started off with the structure at 1.07 and built on from there I think it would sound a lot more like a tear out neuro/techy esque track)

Overall great work man, can really hear how much time has gone into this as it has tons of personality.

Looking forward to hearing the final cut !

If you could feedback me too bro that would be great https://dnbforum.com/threads/chapter-11-discarded-wip-feedback-appreciated.199632/


Nov 29, 2012
thanks again for the feedback guys. so sick of this tune, my brain hates listening to it. its in c minor which is too low for subs. i think thats what is really missing is bass. ah well onto dark nasty stuffs


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Jun 13, 2015
Perth, Western Australia
There's some nice movement in your bass sounds, but I feel like they may be too stacked up and end up sounding a little confusing in terms of progression; I'd try using the moving mid range sounds more sparingly and look at using a more still/central sounding bass to carry the groove without confusing the flow, if any of that made any sense whatsoever. Sounds like you've had enough of this project though, I'd just say to bear in mind while you're messing around with sound design to make sure you've got a variety of movements in your bass so that should the same issue arise later down the track you can grab chops from the same source; even if something doesn't sound fitting/special at the sound design level, once you've put work into processing your sounds and fitting them together, the result on the 'uninteresting' portions of your bounced clips can be surprising.
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