Drum & Bass FREE TUNE INSIDE:Cyclone Recordings / Homemade Weapons!

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    FREE TUNE INSIDE:Cyclone Recordings / Homemade Weapons!


    Homemade Weapons Seattle, United States
    We decided to catch up with our latest artist signed under Cyclone Recordings

    1.Explain a little about yourself and your background and why you started to make drum & bass,

    In the early 90's I was going to industrial shows and I was exposed to techno which led me to raves, which exposed me to breakbeat jungle. I loved the extremity and intensity of it. I was hooked from then on.

    I started djing jungle / dnb in 1995 in Baltimore, MD and relocated to Seattle, WA. in 2000. I started to experiment with various computer music production software around that time, and hadn't made it a primary focus until a couple years ago.

    2.who inspires you musically and for what reasons

    As far as drum n bass, I'd definitely have to say anything in the 90's from Photek, Source Direct, Decoder - the drum programming is still incredible to me. The arrangements and presence of GLR/LGR stuff, and of course - the way techstep came along and crushed us all on the dancefloor. Otherwise, I'm inspired by different types of Hip Hop, Old Funk / Soul, and all sorts of rock - classic to death metal.

    3.What was it that appealed to you about the minimal and experimental sounds?
    I'm essentially trying to make what I would have made in the late 90's / early 00's if I would have had the resources and focus I have now. I took a break from dnb for awhile because there didn't seem to be an ear anywhere for the stuff that I really enjoyed playing. I kind of lost interest when everything seemed really lead driven so I became involved with other live music projects.

    There was a brief moment when I made some insanely noisy, glitchy, hyper edit "tear out" stuff... I was in a death metal / hardcore band and I'd experiment with a lot of the same concepts we were using in the band - only with breakbeats and reeces instead.
    Nowadays, I think the motivation is having better control of the sounds I'm using.
    4.If you were stuck on a desert island, what two things would you take with you?”
    Probably a solar powered laptop and a friend.

    5. What else do you see in store and what should we be looking out for.

    I have A LOT of collaborations with really incredible people getting wrapped up at the moment - mostly drum n bass, but a couple other projects at different tempos as well. I'm still doing a lot of stuff with Dubtek, Quadrant, and my Seattle crew too. I have forthcoming releases on Cylon, Inception, Adapt, Citrus, Rubik, and Seattle's Onset Audio, and plan to make my first trip overseas later this year.

    Homemade Weapons
    twitter: @Homemade Weapons

    Released by: Cyclone Recordings
    Release/catalogue number: Cyc00
    Release date: May 21, 2012

    Released by: Cyclone Recordings
    Release/catalogue number: Cyc00
    Sinuous Records Forthcoming Releases 2012
    Sinuous Records LP01
    Sinuous Audio Available now on Digital Download
    Buy Sinuous Records Online via www.nu-urbanmusic.co.uk in vinyl + digital format.
    Available for European/USA bookings
    If you are interested in booking please send an email to:
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    thanks for the wicked free tune :) Also have liked Cabin Fever ever since I heard Skeptical play it in his Fabriclive mix. Looking forward to hearing the forthcoming tunes on Cylon & Rubik