FREE tracks from DJ Vapour, Serum, HLZ and DJ Madd

vapour 36 hertz

After many months of planning we are happy to announce the launch of the brand new 36 hertz recordings website.

The site contains all of the info on the label including full artist and release information as well as full audio for all of our releases. The forum is also on-line and features a whole load of goodies for members including:

FREE tracks from DJ Vapour, Serum , HLZ and DJ Madd – there are 11 FREE tracks (320 mp3's) on-line right now for forum members to download

Upfront test presses – members will get the opportunity to buy upfront test presses months in advance of release (paper cuts test presses will be next on-line at some point today)

Upfront mp3's – members will be able to buy our releases on mp3 at the same time that vinyl promos hit the stores weeks before they are available to non members

FREE ring tones - download ring tones of all of our releases for FREE (13 on-line right now)

Production tutorials – read DJ Vapours ebook on DNB production for FREE containing everything you need to know about making and releasing DNB tracks

Exclusive mixes – Download exclusive mixes from 36 hertz artists as well as the DJ vapour mix archive which contains every studio and radio mix from DJ Vapour since 2005

FREE screen savers and wallpapers – Download FREE 36 hertz wallpapers and screen savers

On top of all of this we have re branded and relaunched our DJ agency which is now streamlined into the 36 hertz brand and is fully integrated into the website. We have also expanded our rosta with some new artists and will be revealing some more new signings over the next few weeks. You can also now book artists direct through the website via the on-line booking form the full 36 hertz artist agency rosta is as follows:

Bladerunner (Dread Recordings)
DJ Chef (Caution Recordings)
DJ Madd (36Hertz/Naked Lunch/Bombap Recordings)
DJ Vapour (31 Records/Metalheadz/36 Hertz)
Hades (Metalheadz/36 Hertz)
HLZ (Hell Raizer) (36 Hertz/Timeless/Caution Recordings)
Jamal (Trouble on Vinyl/Metalheadz)
Physics (Midnight Sun/Metalheadz/Fokuz/Blindside)
Roughcut (Bounce Records/Flex Records)
Serum (Grid/Timeless/Dread Recordings)
Soul Intent (Mac II Recordings/31 Records)
Stanza (Deep/Ambush)

36 Hertz recordings release schedule:

36htz001 - dj vapour "sting in the tail" B/W hades "the break" - out now

36htz002 - dj vapour "porn of the dead" B/W serum "badboy" - out now

36htz003 - dj madd "to the massive" B/W hades "the break" (serum remix) – out now

36htz004 - dj vapour "terminated" B/W niskala "dive" – out now

36htz001R - dj vapour "sting in the tail" (cash in on dubstep vip) B/W (noah d dubstep remix) - out now

36htz002R - dj vapour "porn of the dead" (dj madd remix) B/W dj madd "to the massive" (dj vapour remix) - promos out now

36htz005 - dj vapour "paper cuts" B/W dj madd "dancers riddem" - promos june

Forthcoming beats from DJ Vapour, HLZ, S3ppa and Kitcha - more news to follow