FREE TRACK!!! (knocks by Fearful) Structured Music


We promised to give away a free download from the very talented Brighton based duo "Fearful" as our download target time was reached from our latest podcast by DBR UK in under 24 hrs.

"Fearful" are fairly new comers to the scene and are not messing around with their level of production, we at Structured Music see a good future for these guys... making all the right moves and most of all creating some sickness for all the darker deeper headz out there.

Reacently signed up to Structured Music with a track called "Hypoxia" that will land stores soon on a forthcoming VA EP that we will be announced over the next months.

The track the guys have selected for free download "Knocks" is most def on a minimal tip and keeping it on a vibing level of moody deepness!, so keep your eyes n ears open for this duo as we are sure you will get to know more about them throughout this year.

we will also be hosting this track on our website @ also available on fearful's own soundcloud @

We hope you enjoy !

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VIP Junglist
Yeah grabbed this one, loving it. Cheers for the download and will definitely be keeping an eye on these guys!