Hardcore FREE TO SHARE'new' oldskool newskool ravey piano breakbeat tune. :)


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Nice man :) I wanted to be able to make tunes like this but can't quite get the grip of it so far!

Not certain about the pad when it kicks in at 35. But at 46 is with the piano and vocals it all comes together nicely :)

You got some real nice leads in here, perfect sounds to fit the styles! Good sampling too.

I hope you don't mind me saying (not sure you will see it as a compiliment :lol: but I think they are awesome!) it sounds like Scooter! Nice jolly little melodys with that feel good sound but then crossed with the ravey old Prodigy sound. Nice mate :)
yer thanks dude. i made this about 2 years ago, i cant change any thing on it as the cubase file is lost forever in a hard drive meltdown. so it is as it is im afraid haha.
i had actually forgotten about it, untill i heard my friend drop it in his old skool set on kool fm so i got him to send it back to me!