FREE PR0Nivitis


A little late of an introduction but oh well. I'm an invisible jellybean from Jellybean Island (it's in Canada). Just going around here and there tryinig out new things. I've been producing for a little while now, hoping to keep on at it. I enjoy doing up many different genres/sounds but DnB's got to be the most gnarly one I've fucked with. It's hella sick range and depth wise. Uhm, uhm... my tastes vary but lately I've been really into shit like Venetian Snares and µ-Ziq again. So if you butts got any similar artists, do hit me up or .. I'll be sad. Anddd I don't know what else to say... uhm... I'm hungry... I want cottoncandy... and a giant sign that says "AHAHAHA YOU GOT NO FREE PR0N" and mini purple marshmellows.