Free Online DJ Software : Mix Drum and Bass with your keyboard!!!

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    Beatable is an online dj interface that can be used to mix drum and bass. The software is easy to use and gives every user the ability to mix, all you have to do is press keys on the keyboard in time with the beat of which ever track is playing. Also, due to the way in which th software works, you can mix upto 6 once! The software is great for beginners or drum and bass enthusiasts that dont have the skills to mix or maybe learning how to mix. The software can help you to work on your cues and timing and also can be a quick and easy way for you to prototype different mixes and combinations of tunes whic all in all makes the beatable software great for beginners and perfect for the masters out there!!!

    Experiment, Create, Innovate!!!

    The web site has full instructions on how to use the software and encourages feedbackand suggestions for the software, get involved!!!

    Also if you are a producer or a dj and you have an idea for a playlist or you want to get yur music heard, get in touch through the beatable website and use the software to promote your music... for free, get your music heard!!!

    Check out the demo software by following url below,

    Or you can join the Facebook group, search for `Beatable free DJ Software`, or follow the link below, thank you :)
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