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    Nov 5, 2011
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    Hi there!

    I'll jump straight in. My name is KDM and I have just recently signed to Vinyl Related Records for dnb and dubstep and I am giving away 4 tracks for free. All I ask in return is for you eva so kind people to like my Juno page which can be found by searching for Vinyl Related Records. The page I would like u 2 like is my debut dnb album called Dark Liquid and is a fine blend of dark dnb and liquid dnb.

    The tracks I am giving away are as follows

    Open Your Eyes (Dubstep)
    Right Time (Dark Liquid DnB)
    Pendulum's - The Island (KDM Remix)
    Doctor P - Neon (KDM Remix)

    The tracks are all in one 50mb zip and can be found here --->

    All tracks are recorded 320 Kbits/Mp3

    Please like my page as I am a struggling artist and would welcome very much so the feedback. I owe ya - Cheers KDM :)