[free mp3] [pp029md] Cycom - Isotope

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    [pp029md] Cycom - Isotope


    Plainaudio's own Cycom is back with his third release on our beloved label. After 'Misgiving' within the Santorin's 10th anniversary series and 'Kingsnake' and 'Nomad' on Sub's Syncopathic label, we are happy to start the cold season of the year with some rather warm and mellow pieces from the Hamburg vaults.
    Summer's over - people start pulling out their winter coats - thick, rough and heavy, stuffed with fur and a bit of a smell of leather ('Isotope'). The heating plants get ready for the raising demand that is to be expected ('Distractions'), while elsewhere children refuse to get inside and other folks enjoy the last shafts of sunlight ('Funky Giraffe').
    Please note: Bonus track 'Down The Drain' saw its release on Alphacut Records (ACR005) in October 2006. We're happy to re-release the track as an MP3 on Plainaudio now.


    A1 Cycom - Isotope
    A2 Cycom - Distractions
    B1 Cycom - Funky Giraffe
    B2 Cycom - Down The Drain


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