Free mastering for artists and labels!


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Mar 28, 2009
Hi, my name is Joe, I DJ and produce as Littlefoot.

I am currently setting up Subsequent Studio, a mastering and post production house based in Nottingham.

My premises is currently being built and my company structure is still being written.

But in the mean time I am trying to drum up the support of some grass roots producers, people who would benefit from that extra bit of quality in their beats to woo labels and DJs

I am offering out free tasters, unlimited at the moment, to show what my sound can do to your sound, and to spread a bit of word of mouth about my venture.

If you dont want to send out tunes without "watermark" sounds over, beeps, white noise, etc thats fine. If you want to keep the tune mastered, release it, play it out that's also fine, but tell em who mastered it!

all you have to do is..

send your beat in Wave or Aiff format to preferably with some referece material, like a clip of a tune you think sounds amazing.

if you want to ask questions please also send mesages to or add me on msn,

thanks! dont be a stranger!
y the clip of the track we like? any chance your copying the eq off that track and just applying it to ours? fink i seen this feature on the latest cubase, not too sure tho
Sending a tune your way :)

Any examples of what work you've done so far?
yea but you cant recreate all the thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment that you would find in a full mastering sweet?
at which point did i say you could? i was simply saying was he copying the basic EQ from the track we think sounds good, and working on it a bit.
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