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    he posted this over on breakbeat.


    here is another bunch of free tunes, with the catch that if you really like them and play them a lot/play them out etc, you're a terrible person if you don't donate. Just trying this approach for the hell of it really, I put a lot of effort into these and having these sat around with only a few people having them for ages is a bit shit.

    donate here

    (if you have a paypal acc just do it straight to so I avoid the rapal charges)

    Again, mirrors, reposts elsewhere are awesome, cheers.

    (please also include the paypal donation link though)


    first ep is dnb. Support from Doc Scott, Spinline, Flight, Craggz, Raiden, Loxy, Future Engineers etc

    Hunted ep
    1. Know The Future
    2. With You
    3. If I Could
    4. Mr Stabby - Hunted

    second is a load of old dubstep tunes I made with a DJ mate of mine, again helping him to get into production. Support from Headhunter, Scuba, Boomnoise & Pokes etc

    Dubstep ep (feat. Hadoshrooms)

    1. Nightmares
    2. Fire Chant
    3. One Man War
    4. Project Them
    5. Shapers

    if you missed any of the older eps they are here

    Caught in the web ep - - Caught In The Web ep.rar

    Regression ep -

    Adhesion ep - - Adhesion ep.rar

    Thats a lot of music so if you can, make a donation!!!!