free ipod site link all u have to do is sign up to ebay....!!!...


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cos i have a poo computer im looking to gain 1 free thru this service but itwud be easier to get an ipod iwas hopping u lot could sign up to help me all you have to do is....

1. sign up using the link above
2. go toffers on the site and choose the ebay offer(unless anohter looks better ebay is free the rest arent)
3.sign up to ebay, u MUST start a new account, if u dont have credit card details use a email adress as it counts as verification of id somehow.
4. with your new account palce one bid it doesnt have to win and if u want an ipod for free make sure it doesnt win eg bid 1 pound on an ipod.

now u must take 5 friends thru the same process for an ipod or if u are very social more than 1.

please do it... the site again is