[Free HQ MP3 tune] + James Marvel's productions (Brussels, BE) (introducing myself)

James Marvel

Feb 25, 2012
Hi there,

My name's Jens, working under the alias of James Marvel since a couple of years now.
I'm from Brussels, Belgium, 24 and have been into electronic music since i was a kid, have been into drum&bass since Roni Size's New Forms and Ed Rush & Optical's The Creeps LP's, started dj'ing around 13yrs old, got heavily into producing for the last several years. My first releases have recently been signed, but are not yet out there, so i'll surely post more news about that once everything's official.
I make mostly neuro and dark-oriented drum & bass, but I really love all styles, so in my works, all possible influences are variedly represented. In most tunes, high energy levels are maintained, and i try my best to always keep pushing sound cleaner, deaper, heavier, ...
My soundcloud is http://soundcloud.com/j-marvel
and Facebook page, through which all updates on tunes, events, blogs etc are shared is http://www.facebook.com/jamesmarvel

anyhow, here's already an example of my work.
This is a tune called Kaboom! (derived from the vocal)
It combines an epic, world percussion, tribal type filled intro with a very catchy yet very ravy breakdown and buildup which drops into a 150 bpm breaks part for 16 bars before launching in to full throttle 175 bpm breaks mode. Influences for this tune; Ed rush & Opt, Dieselboy, Prodigy, Noisia, Upbeats, ...

Since short, I've been writing a little blog about producing EDM, specifically drum&bass but i try to generalize as much as possible. Small threads about specific (free?) plugins, tips about synths, sounds etc.
which you can find --> http://jamesmarvel.blogspot.com/ <--- HERE

I also maintain a soundcloud page with my latest studio works, most tunes are full tunes, some are just parts, every few months i give away some free tunes too. Like now for example!
this tune:
you can download for free when you like my facebook page!
which can be found HERE!
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