FREE Heist track from his Myspace


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Sep 16, 2004

Per Heist....

"I was listening to some of the tracks I'd made last night and found this one. It was 1 of the 10's of tunes i passed to Dillinja when i was making tracks as Strider to put forward for his & Lemon D 's Valve recordings. There was loads of tracks in the folder but this 1 seemed to stick out to me and I still feel its got a 'fresh' vibe on it - Kind of future sounding in a way...?

Its called Cherished

Anyway, being as its the time for giving , I decided to upload a 320 mp3 of it as a free track for all you guys & Gyals to download on my myspace player. Its never gonna offically come out - so heres your chance to own a piece of Strider ruffness that would other wise have never seen the light of day completely FREE. Any comments would be nice, cheers to everyone who has supported me this year."

Big ups Heist!
Tx for this!
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