FREE DJ TRAX ALBUM on KMAG! + New Forthcoming Attractions Mix and more

Hello All Im releasing my second album of the year on May the 8th.This album will be FREE on the front cover of Kmag/knowledge magazine. Details here

Ive added these two mixes to the Mixes archive. The first showcases the album and the second is the latest in a series of mixes ive been doing.

00:00 DJ Trax `Sunlight` Audio Buffet/Kmag
06:36 DJ Trax `Be Moved Remix`AudioBuffet/Kmag
10:23 DJ Trax `Heavens Gate` Audio Buffet/Kmag
16:47 DJ Trax `Inner Voice` Audio Buffet/Kmag
21:46 DJ Trax `Drawn Together`Audio Buffet/Kmag
26:39 DJ Trax `Shady` Audio Buffet/Kmag

29:17 ASC `Reform` Dub
34:30 Lynx + Kemo `Deez Breakz` Soul R dub
37:15 Kharm `Charade` Dub
42:39 ICR `Mero Star` Dub
47:56 Insight `Freeze Frame` Dub
52:20 Alaska + Paradox `Odium` Paradox Music Dub

New Forthcoming attractions Mix Just added........

00:00 Polska `Burning Sun` (Reborn Mix) Subtle Audio Dub
03:28 ASC `Entelechy` Dub
07:28 DJ Trax `Drawn Together` Audio Buffet Dub
12:53 ICR `Less Than Three` Dub
17:34 Loxy `Shodan` Cyclon
22:23 Resound `Everything But Diamonds` Horizons Dub
25:49 DJ Trax `Inner Voice` Audio Buffet Dub
31:05 Alaska + Paradox `Jerico` Paradox Music Dub *
34:37 The Fix + Karl Haze `Pipeline` Dub
39:22 Alaska + Paradox `Mauja` Paradox Music Dub
43:02 LM1 + Kharm `Inversion` Levitated Supersonic
* the picking up the needle and the rewinds are in the tune!