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    Introducing is a site for up and coming DJs to host their mixes free of charge.

    We are dedicated to providing good quality mixes of the following genres: Hardcore/Freeform, Drum & Bass, Old Skool, Gabber and Hard Dance.
    Because of this, anybody who applies to has their profile screened, and their mix listened to. If it doesn't meet the grade, the profile doesn't go on the site.
    This screening process keeps a steady flow of good quality mixes through the site.

    We are currently looking for more breaks orientated DJs to appear on the site (e.g. Drum & Bass, Old Skool, Jungle).

    The application process is quick and easy ( and if you're accepted, you'll be given access to your own DJ administration area that will allow you to upload your booking information, upload photos to your personal gallery, upload mixes as and when suits you and much, much more.

    There is absolutely no catch to this whatsoever, every aspect of the site is 100% free. No artists appearing on the site ever pay a penny. The same applies to anybody simply wanting to download a mix.

    If you're interested in becoming an artist featured on the site, please go to and fill out the short form.
    If you simply want to check out the site and listen to some tunes, head over to and have a look around!

    Thanks for your time,
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    Big up all at! :slayer: