Free digital release from Drumwise [DW01Free]


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Free digital release from Drumwise [DW01Free]

Drumwise proudly presents first of free digital releases with two great tunes from slovenian
uprising producer/DJ Smooth...check em out and enjoy...

Artist: Smooth

Title: No appologies / Lost Without

Smooths free giveaway is special treat from DrumWise.
No apologies starts with lovely vocal and spreads into wonderful pads and strings.
When bass hits its all logical and drives into the unforgettable soulful vibe,
as Logistics from Hospital rec. stated: “No apologies has a wicked uplifting and soulful vibe to it!”
And that is how it is!
On the other hand we have Lost without which is also very melodical, with nice piano lines in intro.
In dropdown brass section creates unique atmosphere and when it hits its time to dance.

release available on:

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