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Its quite a large file, so be patient.........

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Outsiders Opinion, (Snippets of speech) By Jack Nelson
(MATT:Scratch Says - "After being asked to say whatever came into his head when listening to the album, he said...")
Gradual, haunting, trippy, many progressive layers, explods into a black hole of nothing and everything all at once, very council housed and violent...
2)Gang Punk
lightning, calm before stom, build up of the gods, funky briliance...
Very acid, digital, imagine freaking on acid and seeing bass sound waves, just turns to dirtyness, macine working, chemi bros vid with a cunningham twist. beginning of amen influenced tunes.
4)Executive Execution
Resident evil, darkside stomper, not a buildup a progression, sparky snare and hats, like fireworks going off one by one for ages, strobes and lasers...
5)ASBO Generation
First hardcore influence, heart beating, acid progressive, not for the faint hearted, pill tune, none of that teeny bopper stuff, just for peeps who know their genres, cos it aint just one, stepping up the progressive ladder, youll get an asbo if you play this too loud!
Sumtin bads happened, "oops weve obviously stumbled upon a dnb beach party with free drugs on the worst day of your life", underground, dirty, going 2 tunnel party in Glasgow.
7)EzVaNiTyE PaJaLsTa
Randomizer with a russian name... deadly digital breakcore, clashy, distorted grimeyness, overall nice.
Childsplay, distorted lil baby kid dragging a kitchen knife with half of its head hanging off. it is nonsence...cos it cant happen... out to confuse ya!

As An Album
Definately worth a listen, like being on acid, like Aphex Twin vs. squarepusher but less glitchy and its drum n bass, not all to dark but mincing towards the end, tryin to do a lot with this album, showing a lot of different influences, can see the darkside metal too...
Thanks for reading!!!

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