Free D&B Forum PDF eMag?!


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hi everybody,

i had that idea the other day, about starting off a community-driven free 'Drum & Bass Forum' eMagazine releasing about monthly as a PDF bundling all that great informaton on the forum and around the web.
the mag will likely be divided into 2 halfs: one for listeners and one for hobby-producers.

we could reach out for big D&B artist to get interviews, news & Q&As, write about new releases and add
something for the hobby-producers among us: studio tours, book recommendations, making ofs, track analysis...
possible topics could include something about the history/background/culture of D&B, throwbacks and stuff like
surveys about wether people can hear the difference between 320kbps & WAVs etc. etc., and production-wise things like plugin/gear reviews or more specific things e.g. '0$ Acoustic Room Treatment' articles

additionally we could bundle a d&b mix from the forums (we make a poll and the winner gets the 'release') or a small sample pack with each issue, maybe even a few free tracks if possible
(on x-mas a compilation album w/ tracks from people around the forums?!)

the idea is to get everybody involved in the forums and spread/divide the workload into bite-sized chunks.
we obviously need someone who knows how to add interactive elements to pdfs (w/ links, QR-Codes, file attatchments, navigation/bookmarks...), some ppl with graphic design skills, some writers, and maybe even all those social sites (facebook, twitter to inform ppl about new issues and youtube to post corrosponding videos),
but multiple 10k members i have no worries we can find someone on here with such skills :)

to ensure quality everybody is invited to change everything, correct typos add their own knowledge to a certain topic etc.

if you are interested in contributing, just leave a note (maybe add what you could/can do, maybe your email, idk...) if you don't know what/how to contribute but you like the idea, just give this post a like, so i can see how high the demand is.

since people always tell you how important it is to set goals, here we go!
(note: i'm NOT good at graphic design - look at it as a rough vision ;)

i just feel like something alike is missing atm

hope you like it,
have a good one - Neojunk