[Free Compilation] Sofa Sessions Vol. 4

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    Just like every year, we are releasing the Sofa Sessions to celebrate our birthday and to show different faces and styles of the music we all love (the one with the BASS, you know?), and also to showcase some of the up and coming producers worldwide =)
    So here is the fourth Sofa Sassions, and we are proud to have Balkansky, P0gman (as one of his alias': Oxygent), Nilow and some new faces on it. So calm down, relax and put that onto your headphones, while chilling somewhere under the sun ;)


    01 Balkansky - Are We
    02 Nilow - Forgotten Realms
    03 Bad Matter - Kalimbading
    04 REiGHD feat. LePetitVieillard - áme séparée
    05 Luc Masera - Where Is She
    06 Olson's Peak & Kid Atari - Here Comes The Rain
    07 Oxygent - XyZ
    08 Robokop - Orange Grove
    09 Soul Science - Rewards
    10 Cathleen & Alrus - Cloud Kingdom
    11 Billions Stupid Things - Out Of My Mind

    you can check the previews on our soundcloud:

    and get the full compilation within every tune as 320kbps mp3 and the artwork on http://tinyurl.com/ch8ljt5

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