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Were proud do announce our latest release SKANKY PANKY VOL. 2!



Here's what a few DJs had to say...

Pavan (Foreign Beggars) - "just got Skanky Panky 002... shit is mental!"

Ill Gates - "every single ONE of those fuckers is awesome!"

Cut La Roc - "really digging the tunes man"

Son Of Kick - "The track is just sickly."

Ben Samples - "Another great release! I'm really enjoying the Eddy Crusher... as always, the, Breakspear and SixAM tracks are amazing!"

Double Negative (Empathy Recs) - "pure wickedness"


A. SixAM - Fader Murderer

B. - Come N Get It

C. William Breakspear - Million Monkeys

D. Eddy Crusher - Starting Blocks

Release: Skanky Panky Vol. 2
Cat: SPRR002

A. SixAM - Fader Murderer
B. J.Me.J - Come & Get It
C. William Breakspear - Million Monkeys
D. Eddy Crusher - Starting Blocks

Skanky Panky Records is a daring new label providing modernistic sounds from across the globe. Born out of a shared love for heavy choppy beats, tearing bass and futuristic sounds, the label seems to be a logical move as the “glitch hop” sound emerges. Combining these sounds with the movement of dubstep and energy of breakbeat, this label is a truly versatile beast.

Skanky Panky Vol. 2 continues our search for worldwide artists but moves into darker and harder territory for the label.

After SixAM's collaboration with William Breakspear on the last Skanky Panky release, they are back for their stinker of a debut solo release - "Fader Murderer". Mangled synths and barking basslines coupled with OTT glitches make this full frequency face melter a true dancefloor champion! SixAM are beginning to develop a sound all their own and are steadily making their mark on the global glitch-hop scene.
Vancouver's Glitch/Dubstep/Crunk hero JMEJ is back with another dose of lazer-weilding G-Funk by the name of "Come N Get It". really flexes his production skills on this one and further blurs the lines between Glitch-hop and Dubstep. Low freqeuncy rumbles meet skwonky leads and and metalic glitches to create a filthy but strangely funky banger. Expect some more heavyweight stompers from JMEJ on S.P.R. soon cuz we cant get enough!

William Breakspear
William Breakspear's "Million Monkeys" has been causing a bit of a stink lately and for good reason to.....its fucking filthy. A balls-to-the-wall crossover between DnB, Ragga, Glitch-hop & Breaks, "Million Monkeys" is million mile an hour ride delivering filthy bass womps and heavy drums at an unrelenting pace. A prime time dancefloor slayer if we ever heard one!

Eddy Crusher
Were all about fresh meat here at Skanky Panky Records. Eddy Crusher rolls large with his debut release of proportionate size. The tune is called "Starting Blocks" and with one listen we think you will agree Eddy's production talents are most definitely on another level. Mixing elements of Breaks, Glitch-hop, DnB and even Trance Eddy gives us his unique take on Hip-hop tempo bass music. With a debut like this, we cant wait to see what Eddy brings in the future!

aaaaand last but not least... you can grab a FREE TUNE from William Breakspear!!!

This tune continues Skanky Panky’s run of filthy ragga switch up bootlegs, with one from myself, label boss William Breakspear. This one samples fantastic reggae band The Strangeways to provide the perfect blend of vocal reggae and dirty wobbles – enjoy! WB x

“another digital dancehall winder, the likes of which we can’t get enough of…” Boom Monk Ben (Mixed Bizness)

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