Free bootleg from Ralph Good!

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    In the past few months Ralph Good has been jetting across the globe playing in places like Georgia, Zurich, Moscow and many more! Not only has Ralph played legendary sets in massive clubs across the world, he also treated the crowds to his latest remix of Mike Ivy and Nimo Lero ‘Jack To The Sunshine’ and now his new dance floor destroyer is being offered to you for absolutely nothing! With its funky house beats, soulful baselines and deep vocals, this is one free download you’re not going to want to miss!
    Download and listen to Ralph’s mega bootleg now!

    Ralph’s stunning sets will be forever remembered by anyone lucky enough to have seen him play! With his individual groove, breathe taking live skills and his flawless mixing, you’d be daft if you didn’t want to see Ralph play! Make sure you catch Ralph in Moscow at Tuning Hall Project and at Club Bellevue in Zurich this month, for those of us not lucky enough to be close to one of Ralph’s gigs, listen to the latest episode of his Funk Fabric Radio show!