Free Album - GYRE - Attack Of The Sustained Decay

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    So here it is!

    GYRE - Attack Of The Sustained Decay - Free Download
    Not entirely as i had planned, but still a massive achievement. I would have loved to have released the true final version of this album and all the track included, but shit happens and people loose all there work.

    Lessons learnt aside, (backup up! all your work, and use better virus protection.) I would like to think that you will all fall in love with the music on this album as much as i have, i have tried my best to convey my varied styles and lack of restraint when it comes to making electronic music.

    My album covers many sub genres of electronic music, including; breakbeat, house, ambient, chillout, experimental breaks, progressive, trance, electro, funk, bassline, and dub. Rather than try and break new ground in a specific style, i have chosen instead to convey the subtle elegance of electronic music, getting back to what i used to love about music - variety, indifference, imperfection, expression, progressive structures, deep music with emotion and feeling, which in my honest opinion is becoming harder to find these days.

    I have put 4 years of myself into this album, and at many times never thought it would see the light of day. But through persistance and through the rough times and the good i have managed to keep faith in what i do, and i hope you all see this throughout the album.

    Available for download from the following links:

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