Free Agent May Mix


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Free Agent May Mix

It is here - teh Free Agent May Mix.

For those of you who don't know me, I am from Louisville, KY, USA. And yes, I play drum and bass music.

You should all know these tracks I think. I have tried to arrange them in a pleasing fashion just for you, so as to make you dance or take you on a musical journey whilst you partake of your favorite substances. Once again, I am an American, and I play drum and bass music.

Here's the mp3
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Originally posted by Nydi


Some tracks on here include:

Digital and NJC - Open Up - Function
Roni Size feat. Tali - Lyric on My Lip (Marky Remix) - Full Cycle
Ill Skillz - Forgive Myself (DKay VIP) - Critical
Ed Rush and Optical - Bullit - Virus
Concord Dawn - Tonight - Function
Capital J - Jack Mode - Wikked
Crossfire - Counterforce - DSCI4

to name a few.
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Yeah, Digital and NJC on the reggae and bass tip - one of my favorite tunes ATM. Teh whole Quad 2 EP is baaaaad, IMHO.

that ep ownz :slayer:
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