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Hootie Hoo teh Agent :jacko:

Im gonna wade through 'em all tonite - Its was on my 'To-Do List' but my PC took 10 hours to De-frag yesterday... :gimp:

Expect a List of 'wants' in a PM sizoon :flowers:


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All right dude, not gonna give you the "fix this setting, change this cymbal" review cos I don't know jack about production. This is just my initial DJ impression after listening to each clip twice (sometimes more).

Heaven - cool bassline squelch and atmospherics, don't dig the vocal as much

Drumma - woohoo vocal sample, feeling this one really ruff and funky man. sick :chainsaw:

Colorblind - was this on a mix you did recently, first tune? Its cool, reminds me of Nu:Tone sound. I would dig a copy.

Sum1 - luverly vocal and bass. yeah sweet

Plastic - its cool, reminds me of Rotation ? Bit empty

Mostly Ladies - big sub-bass melody that I like, hydro sound

Nippon - meh

Values - yeah this is real good. A bit crunchy and bleepy, funky :bounce:

GShock - good intro, I like this one too its real emotive and stuff. Not sure about the big bass stab in it though, too retro. :nurr_nur:

:whipem: :flame:

my picks are Drumma (boh!) and Colorblind. Oh and Values is cool.
I like your style in that you don't depend on a giant hook to make people go phwoooar, its more about a subtle effect, musical stuff.
take it sleazy!!

:oscar: :oscar:
Heaven - Not a vocalist, well like the bass and beats but maybe not the vox, thats just me tho. well produced, altho a little dulol maybe ?

drumma - funky, can see it being rinsed by m,any djs, nothing at all wrong, spec production wise, well nice, maybe not 100% blindingly original but then who is aphex excepted.

colorblind - yeah heard this at the start of the mix on cubes site, remember thinking it sounded v porfessional. nic 1. u do sound a lot mo professional than some, hav e you had any releases ?

ive actually been to lousiville once, theres a dnb night there thursdays, i was over visiting my gf (now finacee !) in cincinati!

plastic - (skipped one man 9 is too man y to do in one go !) nice guitar, nice mule chops in fact ur well good in most respects how come youre posting this here ? sounds very v recordings/glo - u sent out many demos ???

nippon - dont really like tbh but then even is fresh had done it wouldnt like just not my style. (bit of a darkside warrior)

out to the values - nice sample - drop a bit long but would work maybe john b style ? man you should send out some demos ? forgive me if ive missed you about ... not a dj. ... argh sick to death of the tramen........

good work overall dude !