Free Acoustic Drum Loops

Hi everyone, please find below a link to an article I wrote a while back on drum recording. You might find the article interesting if you are into recording your own breaks, however inside this article you'll also find a bunch of drum loops recorded by myself using the technique described available for free.

If you decide to use any of these loops i'd appreciate it if you could let me know or show me the song it was used in. Other than that there are no restrictions to their use.

Link to the article.

Click on the link located just above the embedded video at the bottom of the article to grab the loops.

The kit was recorded with 4 x microphones, including AKG C414 XLII's (Overheads) and a Rode K2 (Kick) through am RME interface and a Tascam console. They were recorded in the drum booth of a studio, so a completely sound treated environment. The loops entitled "smash loops" have had some processing applied to them, the rest are pretty much clean aside from some minor adjustments.

The majority of the loops are around 154 beats per minute.

Here is an example of one of the loops.

Hope someone enjoys these, recording breaks is worthwile if a bit of effort. Cheers :)

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