Label Free 320 MP3: Roomoff - Nightwolf LP (FISH030)

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    ROOMOFF - "NIGHTWOLF LP" [fishrecordings / FISH030]

    anniversary release number thirty on fish recordings is here and we are
    proud to present the first longplayer on our label:


    once there was a special force elite soldier and his codename was nightwolf.
    he was sent to the most complicated situations only where it usually was not
    possible to land with a plane or arrive with any other kind of vehicle. he was a
    so called jumper, the best one of the paratroops worldwide. he was able to
    survive over three weeks without any food and he never experienced problems
    with a lack of vitamins or nutrient. but the biggest problem for his superiors
    was to control him because he was a real psycho. he was known for acting
    on his own authority in the field in a very radical way. being on his last mission,
    he had to cope with a crucial situation in which he decided to swim through a
    special defense system called vodokanal (an artificial river filled with
    poisenous water). the poison attacked his organism real hard and so he lost
    his mind and imagined he would have been attacked by a valkyrie. in a
    furious rage he started to try to stab it but only stabbed himself dozens of
    times and died in consequence. while dying he spluttered some last letters
    into his communication headset: bfg. they never found out what he meant...

    you can download the release here:


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