Label Free 320 MP3: Larrge - Against EP (FISH026)

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    LARRGE + HORUS - "AGAINST" [fishrecordings / FISH026A]

    LARRGE - "FUCK MONDAY" [fishrecordings / FISH026B]

    release number twenty-six on fish recordings is here:


    oh my gosh! last friday i had the great plan to have a nice party weekend.
    after i left the library i went home and started to have some drinks
    with my roommate. round about midnite we headed to our
    favourite minimal club to party a little. everything was quite nice, i had
    some more drinks and a good time with a nice girl. at about four in the morning
    i had a little argument with a stupid guy who tried to flirt with the girl i spent the
    whole night with. i went out together with the guy and he really defeated
    me in an ugly manner. i lost consciousness and when i woke up it was
    bright daylight and i lay right across the pavement. all covered with blood.
    my purse and money were gone and i did not know where i was. so, i went
    home and thought about the past night. when my roommate saw me he was
    shocked and told me that he did not know what happenend to me because
    he went to another girl's appartment to have some fun. well, thanks anyway.
    we had planned long before to visit a huge rave on that saturday night.
    i had no choice and got myself together and again go out to party hard.
    you wont believe it, but when we arrived at the location, i met the girl from
    the night before. i was very happy and told her what happened but she ignored
    me. i did not know why. it made me sad and fucked me up. i started to drink a lot
    of liquor and passed out. when i woke up i was completely undressed except for my
    shorts and captivated to a bed. i did not know how i got there. the only thing
    i wanted to know was how i could escape from there. after several hours, a
    girl in a leather costume entered the room in which i was trapped. she told me something
    in a language i never had heard before. she opened the handcuffs and pointed at the door.
    i did not hesitate and ran out of the room. made my way back home (which was not that easy
    because i was in some outer skirt-area of the city). when i arrived
    at home, morning had broken. then i realized that the weekend was over and i
    had to go to university to attend my economics class instantly. all i thought was: FUCK MONDAY!

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