Free 320 Mp3 From Lifted Podcast


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May 30, 2008
Hello all.

I want to gladden the junglists, who liked my tune, was played on Lifted Music Podcast 12. Point is that "Naspar" is waiting for its release about a year. Three labels was interested in release of this tune on their labels, but it didnt happends :) Tunes are really not bad as for me, and i thought for a while, no good will come of tune stuck on my pc. I really wish ppl listen to it, enjoy it and play it on parties. Thats why i decided to drop them as free mp3.
Thanx for support to Cris Renegade and Spor, Thijs form Noisia, Sunchase, Nphonix, Matt from Concord Dawn and other good ppl :)

SIDE A: Redco - Naspar 320

SIDE B: Redco - Subsense 320


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Dec 8, 2003
Big ups for Naspar. Jay Walker sent it to me last year and it hasnt left the CD wallet since! :)


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May 21, 2007
as i happens i am glady accept this offering of free mp3s to be stuck on my computers for future tidings.

accept my warm thanks in this post.
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