Label Free 320 MP3 and Deraiat EP by Nufojah: available now!

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    T3K gives out this tune by Nufojah of Kriotek for free!
    It is pure Transylvanian Robot Funk and if you like it look
    out for Nufojah`s EP out now on T3K Recordings (see below)!




    T3K brings you 4 tracks by romanian producer Nufojah,
    known solo and with his crew Kriotek: he released solo
    on labels like SCPTX, Ammunition, Order In Kaos and
    as part of Kriotek on labels like T-Files, Digital Venom,
    Dark Box and DNB Art. The tracks compiled to this EP are
    good examples of Nufojah`s style which is mainly about
    his trademark of using some abstract stab elements to give
    his tunes a robotic twist adulterated with some alien
    influence. These are not really human...

    Audio Preview:

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