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    Treat Yourself: £3 of MP3s for Free This Christmas Day and Boxing Day

    £3 off in MP3 on Dec 25 & 26 -

    We've got an extra gift for you this Yuletide: £3 to spend on anything in our MP3 store on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Visit us on December 25 or 26, then just add your chosen MP3s to your Shopping Basket (you need to use the Shopping Basket rather than 1-Click) and enter code FREEMP3S at the checkout--£3 will be deducted from the total. And why not spread the Christmas love? Send a link to this page to friends and family members and they can get £3 off too.

    Clicky Linky!


    Just thought you'd like to know :wave:

    Need some DnB/Hip-hop tune recommendations :p
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    posted this the other day, made about 10 accounts and downloaded bare, dunno if it'll work though, coz the amazon mp3 downloader doesnt work on windows me :( so i've saved all the amz files.