Frankee - Dancefloor Ep (dubstep) Out Now On Proximity!!!!


As we approach the end of the first half of 2010 and the seasons are changing, our output of music is also changing. We are indulging into the deep and dark world of Dubstep with young rising talent ‘Frankee’. The EP simply titled ‘Dancefloor’ will be your third installment of Proximity goodness and it does exactly what it says on the tin!
‘Dancefloor Dub’ shows just how far Dubstep can be pushed in terms of production and this tunes productions is second to none. High passed sythns are gradually opened up to a mysterious sea of sound, sparking the fuse to what is to then build up to a distinctive vocal being automated in, capturing the listeners ears just seconds into the track. Low cut drum patterns hold everything nicely together until a change on the drop is met by a shift of sound into a short 8 bar break down of moving sine waves. We are then swept into a vortex of saws, re arranged vocal regions and stomping drum hits filled with sharp moving bass that leads the way to a truly spine tingling hook and key change. DJ Crissy Criss played this tune earlier this year on his 1Xtra show, expect this masterpiece to obliterate dancefloors the world over!
‘Painless’ on the b side kick starts with a fresh 16 bar combination of soundscapes and samples, along with hard cutting low frequencies creeping in to make way for some astonishing FM synthesist sequences on the drop. This showcase of twisted analog grittiness, accompanied by fierce vocal cut ups and militant beats smash their way through the track to the break down. This track will take the pain away in ways that regular pain killers will not!
The third track on this magnificent EP is called ‘Raindrops’. With its thumping four to the floor beats and electro house vibe this phenomenal track will amaze even the hardest to please of electronic music fans. Euphoric vocals take the track higher and higher and will certainly get your heart racing! The bass and lead move with one another on the drop, creating what seems to be the trade mark sound of Frankee! With its energetic and progressive vibe the overall outcome of this track will have the clubs rocking from sun set to sun rise!
On the final track we feature a collaboration between Frankee and long time friend and up coming artist KIT. 'Redemption' proceeds in a traditional fashion with an orchestral introduction along with deep keys and lush sounding FX. The track also features some remarkable far eastern vocals on the intro to spice things up a bit! Humorous dialogue is in place on the drop followed by a head crushing distorted combination of nasty and hard hitting sound waves. After being engulfed in the deep depths of the duos sound, the track naturally loops back to orchestral proceedings which will certainly redeem even the most darkest of souls!