Label Fragz on T3K Recordings / free downloads inside!

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    T3K gives out these two tunes by Fragz for free!
    It is some nice stuff from Portugal so why not check
    it out and also listen to "Abuse" by Fragz out on
    T3K Recordings (see below)!



    Fragz is an upcoming producer from
    Portugal. He is signed on Melting Pot
    from Spain, Yellow Stripe from Portugal,
    and on Suspect Device and Dark Box from
    Italy. His sound is varying from Neurofunk
    to Techno-Drum & Bass with an own twist
    and so we are proud to present his productions
    as one of the first labels: T3K`s very own
    subseries ("T3K Extended") is presenting
    "Abuse" to you, a mid-range based and
    atmospheric tool to get you into the groove.


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