Fracture&Neptune on kool fm, Tonight!

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    Fracture & Neptune on Kool FM tonight!
    As below, courtesy of the lovely DJ Alite:

    Monday 23rd November 7pm GMT - 9pm GMT on Kool FM 94.6:

    Sorry about the mishap two weeks ago, but as promised, this is happening tonight pm. Catch ya later losers!


    Both hailing from some London gutter, these two kids will join the party to secure (x2) tickets to the next Organic event in London ( and will showcase with a feature mix and chat. More info on this great upcoming night will be kindly provided by its promoters live in the studio.

    Also, a little snippet on what was the pre-show interview informally done in a London pub...check for yourselves.

    Mondays with DJ Alite; where rules are built and not received.

    Suggestions and Comments are welcome alongside flowers and BACs

    Kind Regards and Merry Xmas,
    Studio number 07943945946