FPRECS001- NoMoney-Warporizer/ Otrozon Promos Today!

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    FPRECS001: A - Warporizer – No Money feat BanBan
    B - Otrozon – No Money

    Audio at http://www.futurepressure.com/releases.php or http://www.myspace.com/futurepressurerecordings


    Future Pressure Recordings enters with some tough, straight up dance floor pressure from duo, No Money.

    Warporizer – No Money feat BanBan
    An epic intro leads with ominous horns, brooding sweeps of mid-bass and a half time beat that steps up as the track progresses. The pace builds to a short break that drops you into a heavy track. The way the bass whips over the upfront beats can only be described as “tough”. Not willing to simply roll the loop out, these Czech boys, in conjunction with up and coming DJ BanBan, let the track grow, introducing techno inspired percussion over a progressive bassline that rises to drop us back into the main riff. This is a killer track…believe.

    Otrozon – No Money
    During the intro atmospherics and glimpses of the main b-line swirl around tough beats, rising to a vocal sample - “and now, here comes the music…”. The track drops into a phat b-line workout that has you riding one of those beats that forces your head back n forth.

    Future Pressure: info@futurepressure.com
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