FPRDUBSTEP050 - Invaded By God EP

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    Bison – Invaded By God


    Artist-BISON Title-Invaded By God EP Label -FoulPlayRecords (FoulPlayDubstep) Format-Digital Album Catalog-FPRDUBSTEP050
    Release date- 7/1/11
    Price-Various based on site/store
    Barcode- 847108076205

    Foulplaydubstep welcomes you to the dark twisted world of their hottest new artist “Bison”. Emerging from the depths of Southampton, Uk, this gimp mask wearing lunatic is dropping his first truly original E.P. on Foulplay, entitled “Invaded By God”. His unique style rivals that of some of the top dogs like Excision and Datsik but with a bit more depth, emotion and beauty. This e.p shows a whole spectrum of different flavors & styles. As well as Bison’s original smashers, the “Invaded By God” EP flexes its muscles with remixes from 6Blocc, Endboss, & Atreus also on the compilation. This heavyweight album looks to hit people from all angles with the devastating bass on offer. All of these tunes are being played out by Excision, Downlink, Basher, Culprate, Brainpain, Koldfront, & the entire Foulplay roster which includes 6blocc, Down Jones, 12th Planet, Barbarix, and many many more!!! Foulplayrecords has also retained Infectious PR out of the Uk to promote specific releases. For more information on this release, bio information and upcoming releases visit myspace.com/foulplaydubstep or foulplayrecords.com.

    Track List:
    1.The District
    2.You Make Me Sick (Atreus RMX)
    3.The District (6blocc Remix)
    4.Get Back (EndBoss Remix)
    5.Invaded By God
    6.The Secret Of Mana
    7.Get Back
    8.You Make Me Sick


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