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    Hello friends ,
    i receive this promo from my friend dj zen, release on mp3 web shop the 30 novemenber 2004.
    Soon @ in cd format.


    Fourier Wave Device - Quirk
    1.. Liverpool Street
    2.. Airwaves
    3.. Barbican Days
    4.. Broadmead
    5.. Telperion
    6.. Jazz Phase
    7.. Flying Machines
    8.. Bedtime Story
    9.. Rising Sun (Fourier Mix)
    10.. The Angelis Layers
    11.. Aftershock
    12.. Quirk

    Cat No. RAW42008 || Released November 30, 2004
    © 2004. Raw42 Music Ltd. Published by Raw42 Music Ltd.

    About Fourier Wave Device

    Fourier Wave Device is an electronic project based in
    Florida, USA. FWD tracks are usually categorized somewhere between the genres of drum&bass and IDM, connected by a common quality that has been described as "atmosphere and complexity". Herein you will find rich ethereal pad work, haunting melodies and complex rhythms.

    The force behind FWD is Oxford science graduate G. Watson.
    Like many of the new generation of electronic musicians, Watson lacks a
    formal musical education, prefering instead to think of music in mathematical terms - tracks are assembled from "Fourier waves", the mathematical equivalent of pure musical tones, hence the project name.

    About "Quirk"

    The debut release from Fourier Wave Device features beat
    driven style and strange airy atmospheres combining into a serving of electronic goodies.

    "Airwaves" is an exciting slice of DnB with great textured atmospheres over crisp beats, flowing bassline and radio news vocals.
    Title track, "Quirk", is an atmospheric downtempo piece with crisp drums, static interference, floating dreamy melodies and a real urbanized cutting edge.
    IDM goodness. The third standout, "Broadmead", is an emotive and atmospheric downtempo slab of Rhodes and dirty slow breaks with great chilled underground vibe.


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    Feb 27, 2005
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    any one have listen this band ?

    No comments ?

    :jacko: peace