Forum meet up 16th April 2011- Soundclash Tour

Yorkshire Tony

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Jun 30, 2008
Barmby on the Marsh, United Kingdom
Found this earlier and few from scatbox already seem interested.........its at Marcus Garvey Centre (Legendary club in Notts)

Line Up:

Channel One Soundsystem

Iration Steppas Sound System

Aba Shanti-i Sound System

Who's on it?

ps please can a mod sticky this?
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gomby plz
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Aug 14, 2008
Its midlands though mate, will be worth it. of u book a train ticket well in advance it'll be cheap as fuck

lol, thats fucking scotland as far i'm concerned...

however, i am more than a little tempted!

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been banging on about wanting to go to more reggae/soundclash... should put my money where my whore mouth is! if we can smoke doobs in the club too...


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Jan 30, 2007
I'm looking at going to Dubai then so I'm out. (Not that I would have come anyway, family free weekends don't happen anymore)

I think this is around the time that Mini Moskits are jew as well isn't it?


May 27, 2009
If I can make it, I certainly will...

Channel One are fucking amazing!

Didn't see them on the line-up when you posted it in scatbox...

My Dad was playing a gig with his band when I was born & I turned out just fine, so I think it would be poetic justice if i'm knee deep in skunk, skanking like a trooper in Notts when mine are :teeth:

On a real...

Will have to check how dialated her Cervix is before I leave, if they're not here already :2thumbs:


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Apr 7, 2006
Yorkshire Tony said:
ps please can a mod sticky this?

i'll sticky it for a short while, but most people have just said they cant come... its not looking promising.
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